Journey to nowhere

Although still 23 years in this life I have noticed one thing. People that have traveled the path that they chose tend to be very cynical and doubtful with people that’s only taken off on theirs. Maybe the sight of a naive, young and youth scares them. Perhaps the thought of us making the same mistakes as they did frustrates them. The bout between “Idealism VS Realism” kicks off and the whole argument begins. Are you choosing the path that you wanted or are you choosing the path society has set for you to follow in the hopes of acceptance to the status quo?

My late grandfather once told me “Listen to what everyone has to say, they know more than you” a man who I have great admiration for. The quote has stuck by me for many years and have soaked up peoples trials and tribulations over the years to incorporate the solutions in mine. I am not a successful business man or a doctor. I do not have a 9-5 steady job to provide for a make belief family. I do not have a diploma on philosophy, doctorate on psychology or any qualification that would deem me “Successful” in the eyes of society. All I have is my youthful mind and a set of ideas and beliefs, my sculpture to which I hack and carve to hopefully be one day a masterpiece for the world to see.

Like everyone else starting on their paths I have doubts. It’s a scary thought of setting off and touching grounds with reality. When your feet hits the ground the time is ticking and it feels like it can be too much. The burden of waking up early and going to school seems like a minuscule dot compared to the whole book of responsibilities.I have something that resembles experience but is not quite visible yet to be able to pass on. I have little tales of love, allegories of tragedy, Sonnet of pain, paragraph of happiness and analogies of life. While I’m on my path and the cynic in me hasn’t engulfed the youth that burns in my heart I would like to share my perspective if I may?

When we are born we are told to color within the outlines of the drawings. When we are children we are told that it is bad to open our mouths in the middle of a “Grown up” conversation. We are told as adolescence to play within the boundaries that people set. Then when we are young adults we are told that the path that we chose are unstable and there is no future. Yet the world has the audacity to say that ” You can be anything”

There are no rules to this thing. This is your canvas to paint, your sculpture to sculpt and your life to decide. There will be doubts and as I am typing am already thinking about it. You will fail countless of times but I hope you have the courage to get up and try again. I urge you to consider the path that you have chosen and if it resembles anything to your dislike I hope you have the strength and patience to take another route. We are born and then we die. We are all the same in deaths eyes but what we are not are creatures of monotony and caged birds. Though this may seem idealistic to other peoples mind (which they have the right to believe) be somebody. If your mom or dad never got the chance to say it maybe some stranger on the internet will. Be somebody with laughter in their lives, with love in their hearts and courage in their souls. You are so beautiful, These should have been the words that we’re said as you embark your journey.


Adventures of here

It’s been a whole since I wrote something on this then it struck me. This topic would be the perfect “Analogy” of some sort.

Living on my own, commuting back and forth for work I decided to invest on a monthly unlimited pass using the bus. In the beginning I used it purely for work. One day it struck me, halfway through the month I said to myself “I can use this pass to go wherever I want” Out of the spontaneous moment of thought and sickness from the everyday norm I decided to hop on a random bus (which I did not think twice looking on which route it will take me) first let me explain. I live in Dublin, Ireland. A city that certainly isn’t as big as London or New York but is spacious enough to get lost.

At first I was scared and felt alone at the fact that I didn’t know where I was going to go or where I’d end up. The bus stopped every so often but was too pre occupied looking for signs of things I recognised. Eventually I eased up and started to take in the new surroundings around me. Looking at things I didn’t even know was in Dublin such as beautiful monuments/statues, small parks with a man made lake in the middle. I was at awe at the thought of me missing all these sights simply because I was way too busy with life. No matter how long you think you’ve been in one place we never get to see it for what it is simply because of the routines of our lives. Maybe this was a wake up for me to get out and explore, to experience, to discover new places and things and meet people with different perspective than mine. See how it goes I suppose

A Crazy Thought..

Recently a girl that I have been with for nearly 4 years decided we were going to go our separate ways. Lead lives that both of us couldn’t offer each other. At this very day, 23/03/2014 would mark our 4th anniversary but a thought came to me. It is strange how we go on about our lives and meet a person that you can truly be vulnerable. A person that somehow made everything in your world make sense. How one day you feel lonely and unloved until she came and lightened the dark. It took years to build up a love that we thought was unbreakable but a moment to see it crash and burn in front of our eyes.

If you are reading this I hope that you find the love I couldn’t give you. I hope he treats you better than me (highly unlikely, just kidding) but for now it is better to forget, to erase the hate we let grow inside of us. The only way to do that is to erase you from my life but just know that a small fragment of what we had still remains somewhere inside of me (no homo)

I have moved to better things in my life and living the life I’ve always wanted. I am fulfilling goals I never thought possible without her and although this is only a short snapshot of a bigger picture I was happy to have taken the snapshot with her. As pain fades away and bitterness leaves my tongue the crazy thought of love doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

Is Bunsen the best burger in Dublin?


So today I decided to be adventurous and try something new. Especially since it was Sunday and people are either recovering from the night before or simply still drained from the tiresome weekdays. People have recommended me a few burger joints to try around Dublin from Bobos, Gourmet Burger, Ricks Burgers etc…but still was undecided. After much deliberation I decided to try Bunsen with it’s humble menu and wise choices of side orders.

I’ve tried different burger joints before but this was certainly a new taste experience for me. We came in with the alluring smell of grilled burgers, good vibe of people chattering and nice selection of music. Staff were attentive to your needs but you certainly knew who was out the night before.

So we preceded to make our order with my choice of a double cheeseburger (medium rare) with the side order of hand cut fries and coke. It came in a very humble tray with everything properly set for your sauces of choice. First impressions was certainly high with a big portion of fries and burger neatly wrapped in its paper case. I tried the fries first and although it was certainly better than processed fries you get in fast food chains such as McDonalds or Burger King I couldn’t help notice that it was slightly overcooked and too crispy for my liking with the exception of some which were soggy and mushy. Don’t let that stop you it was very passable as a good side order.

The burger from the moment you unwrap it from it’s paper casing you instantly knew you had a quality burger. It was filled with two unbelievably moist, perfectly seasoned patties with tomatoes, pickles and a good amount of melted cheese (to which I do not know the kind) First bite was amazing! with everything that you would expect from a burger and more! everything complimented each other like a great harmony. The cheese was no ordinary cheese, oh no! it melted in your mouth without being too overpowering. The bun neither dry or too moist, It was perfect as it soaked up every flavor from the running juices of the patties.

So guys if you want a quality lunch with friends, family or even your better half Bunsen is a must for casual eating! one of if not the best burger I’ve had in Dublin to date. I will give this joint a 9/10 simply because the fries were dry. You stay classy, World